Empire Flippers

Greg Elfrink, Director of Marketing for Empire Flippers, sits down with Luke Van Der Veer to talk about Rank and Rent SEO, the search engine optimization landscape in 2023, and how Luke’s using lead generation to amplify his first of many multi-million dollar local business acquisitions. 

Luke discusses the Rank & Rent business model in detail, walking the listeners through the process he followed to scale his income past 6-figures per month. He covers how he outsources work, and retainer structure he uses to maximize profits.

In this episode, Luke also uncovers the strategies he uses to get sites ranked at the top of search engine consistently, how to get GMB’s live anywhere, the correct way to do citations (and what even the biggest SEO companies do wrong), where to find quality client, and which niches to avoid if you want to build an income that’s truly passive, long term. Tune in for this bombshell of an episode below. 

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