Luke Van Der Veer

SEO Expert & Founder of Website Rental Coaching

After trying multiple business models in an attempt to create passive income, Luke invested tens of thousands of dollars in SEO training as a last ditch effort to escape Corporate America. With the goal of time freedom, he built an SEO agency, only to learn that client work was no different from a job. Luke shut down his agency, let go of his clients, and began treating websites like real estate. Instead of working on client sites, he started building his own lead generation websites and renting them out to businesses. By charging monthly “rent” in exchange for exclusive leads, Luke was able to use passive website rentals to kill his corporate job in under a year. His ex-clients took notice and several of them asked to learn the process, so Luke created a coaching program to teach it. Now, in addition to expanding his 7-figure website rental portfolio and acquiring local businesses, Luke helps business owners generate their own leads, create more streams of passive income, build wealth, and take full control of their time.

Luke Van Der Veer


Use our unique research process to identify profitable markets with low competition and enormous upside potential. Forget roofing and tree services. Follow our specific criteria to uncover lucrative, easy-win niches that pay you passively and get results light years faster than normal. 


Follow our step-by-step video training to build your lead generation websites quickly with zero technical skills or knowledge of code. Follow along with Luke as he shows you how to create a website that not only looks good, but actually converts visitors in customers automatically.


Leverage our proven SEO techniques and scalable ranking strategies to safely rank all of your websites #1 in Google, fast. Learn how to correctly outsource everything to step back from the business. Work directly with Luke and members from 10 countries to shrink the learning curve.


With your website generating qualified leads consistently, use our custom scripts and outreach tactics to find the right business. Our members rent their websites for an average of $1,500 per month. Use our outsourcing training to scale your business past 6-figures and finally take back your time.

Why Build Your Passive Income With Website Rental

The WRC Model.

The FAQ's.

I help people who are coachable, build an additional stream of passive income, build wealth, and take full control of their time.

Half of the group is 9-5’ers and half is business owners.

I’ve had coaching clients supplement their income, replace their jobs, generate leads for their businesses, and build additional passive income streams on top of what they’re already doing.


This program teaches my exact website rental process from A-Z, step-by-step, and search engine optimization. I detail the strategy and the tactics so that you understand what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.

Coaching clients who complete this program and engage in the coaching with me learn SEO skills and a repeatable, scalable process to generate leads for any business and create a passive income doing it.

  • How to choose the right niches (and avoiding all the common mistakes)
  • How to find the right markets
  • How to hedge your risk to safeguard your income
  • How to do search engine optimization the right way
  • What type of content to write and how to do it
  • The most effective way to do local SEO at scale
  • What keywords to target, why, and how
  • How to structure websites for higher conversions
  • How to keep technical setup simple
  • How to build websites without code
  • How to template the websites to rinse and repeat at scale
  • How to get GMB listings live anywhere in the world
  • How to keep GMB’s live long term
  • How to rank #1 in the maps and the organic search results every time
  • How to prospect (what to do and how to do it)
  • How to find the right clients to rent sites to
  • How to find the right types of businesses to work with and why it’s important
  • How to handle messaging & sales (what to say, how to say it, and what mediums to use)
  • Done-For-You scripts, templates, and messages
  • Help with sales psychology
  • When and if to fire a client
  • How to negotiate with clients
  • How to price services and rental fees
  • How to monetize websites
  • How to create an active or passive income with local SEO and Website Rental
  • Which citations to do, why, and how to do them correctly (unlike what most of the industry is currently doing)
  • How to build backlinks
  • Which anchor text to use, why, and how to do it right
  • Every scalable backlink building method
  • How to rank in multiple cities
  • How to maximize qualified leads
  • How to permanently increase call volume by a minimum of 300% with two repeatable processes.
  • How to track results
  • How to track expenses
  • How to hire a team
  • How to outsource each part of the process
  • How to automate everything to remove yourself
  • How to setup your corporate structure for taxes
  • How to get 24/7 support through our private community
  • How to get live support directly from me on our weekly, recorded Zoom call.

I wanted my time back, and I was willing to give up anything to make it happen as long as the sacrifice was temporary.

I don’t believe in trying.  Saying I’ll try gives you an out. It’s like saying “I’ll do it until I struggle, then I’ll give up.” I made a decision that I was going to succeed, and I took comfort in the fact that the only way to fail is to quit, which I’m in control of.

The meaning of the word “decide” comes from the Latin word, decidere, which is a combination of two words: de = ‘OFF’ + caedere = ‘CUT’. Meaning that when we make a decision, we cut off all other potential paths.

If I’m not where I want to be, then it’s my own fault. It means that I am missing key information that I need to be successful. If I already knew what to do, I would have already done it. So, I need to find out who has that information, and go learn from them. Thank you, Tony Robbins, for that teaching me that.

To date, I’ve invested nearly more than $100k on mentors, coaching, and courses. That’s the “secret” to my success.

Why would I invest like that? Because I value my time. The only way to “shortcut” my way to success is to buy someone else’s mistakes so I don’t have to make them myself. And no one achieves success alone.

Trying to figure it out doesn’t create a 6, 7, or 8-figure passive income. It wastes time, it wastes money, and it drastically decreases your odds of success.

That’s why I don’t reinvent the wheel. I find people that have what I want, and I pay them to teach me.

I used to have an SEO agency, but I quickly realized that it was just a high-paying job and shut it down. I told all of my clients that I wasn’t doing client work anymore and handed them off to other SEO providers.

After a couple months of renting out websites I had built, several of my ex-clients texted and called me asking me to teach them how to do it. So I started a coaching program, and it began growing organically.

I never really enjoyed any of the 9-5 jobs I had, but I did love being around people. When I replaced my job and quit, I lost that interaction because working from home meant that it was just me. The coaching program is great because I’m around like-minded people all the time, I get paid to do what I love, and it feels good helping people build an income that’s actually passive.

The feeling of helping someone else get what they want is fulfilling. The coaching program also keeps me sharp. Lots of engaged members means lots of data we can all use to keep getting better.

Yes! Most of the business owners generate their own leads and build passive assets as well.

Market saturation is only a problem if you don’t know how to choose the right niches.

My training walks through the specific criteria I use to pinpoint the right niches, and it includes hours of recorded Zoom calls where coaching clients suggested niches and I walked through them live.

Niche selection is also something clients frequently asked about on the weekly live calls. I’m always happy to review niches with you 1-1 on that call, in addition to anything else you may be stuck on.

Every single coaching client that has followed my process and engaged in the live calls with me has generated leads and made money.

Just yesterday a new member got on our Zoom call and shared that his first client called him at 9 PM in tears and expressed how thankful he was because this past month was the most money he’s ever made in business in his entire life. That is the kind of impact we can have on people.

The people who I’ve seen “fail” didn’t show up [or] they went off the rails following random [poor] advice they learned on YouTube or someone else’s blog.

#1 – Every business has roadblocks. It’s inevitable and it’s part of the growth process. If you are the type of person that experiences resistance and immediately quits, you won’t be successful in any business. Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone, and that’s ok.

#2 – It never made sense to me why someone would invest in learning a proven path and then not follow it. It’s like paying for a treasure map, burning it to ashes, and then wandering around in the woods. Follow the system and make money, or don’t and you won’t. You ever heard that saying – you can lead a horse to water but can’t make it drink? Fits perfectly.

I get it. I was exactly where you are. The first course I ever bought was $5,000. That was 2 full months of pay at my job. And I ended up investing in many to fully learn SEO.

I felt this terrible pit in my stomach as I sat there thinking – “What if I can’t do it? What if I fail? I’ll have wasted all this money.”

We’re human – it’s normal to feel like that because change is uncomfortable, and our brains are wired to keep us safe and avoid discomfort. But if nothing changes, nothing changes. We can decide to stay in the same situation, or we can decide to move forward. Either way, it’s an active decision.

I decided to make a change. I didn’t have enough money for my first investment in myself, so I put the full amount on my credit card. Had I not done that, I’d still be at a job, asking another adult for permission to take vacation.

As it turns out, the first course wasn’t great and there was no one to go to for help. Lesson learned. Investing in a coach would have been the smarter move because I could have had someone just tell me exactly what to do.

But it’s ok because (1) it set me on a path of continuously investing in learning skills and (2) it taught me that coaching and mentorship was what I needed – not just a course. And from that point, every program I invested in helped me improve and learn new skills that made me more and more valuable to the marketplace.

I would never have achieved the time and financial freedom I have now without investing so heavily in ongoing education. Regardless of the path, education and skills are key.

That’s ok, you don’t have to be good with technology to succeed with my program. I walk you through every single detail step-by-step. I also give you tools and templates to speed up the process.

No, you don’t have to be good at sales.

I train you on a specific, but simple sales process with video training, recorded audio files of me calling businesses, word-for-word scripts, and examples.

It’s also something we talk about on our Zoom calls.

If you don’t like that part of the process, you can always partner up with another member who does, or outsource it.

No. If you are not willing to invest in yourself, I’m not willing to invest in you either.

Success is achievable for anyone, but it comes with temporary sacrifice. If I allowed that I would be doing you a great disservice.

No. I don’t offer a guarantee because I don’t know your work ethic.  I’ve got a tested and proven process with a lot of coaching clients making money. You are the only variable. Your success depends on whether or not you put in the work.

I have coaching clients in 9 countries: United States, Australia, Canada, England, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, Switzerland, and Vietnam.

My process works the same anywhere with internet.

Everything you need is laid out in detail, step-by step.

I actually prefer when people come in with no knowledge because they don’t have to unlearn bad habits.

And the niche selection training is great. It shows you how to figure out what works and what doesn’t so you don’t waste time.

It’s a 2-way street. I use the application process and strategy call to filter out people that aren’t serious and aren’t coachable. I am very picky about who I work with for two reasons:

  1. If you’re in here with me, I’m invested in helping you succeed; I want to make sure you’re committed.
  2. Someone’s success (or lack thereof) reflects on me and my program.

That’s cool. Bring your partner or spouse on the strategy call with you so we can all talk openly.

Absolutely. I go live on Zoom every week. Join the call and I’ll answer your questions directly.

Yeah!  A $1.7M dollar ice cream business that serves 3 states.

Why buy a business?

#1 – I dont want to pay taxes. And the only legal way to not pay taxes is by using accelerated depreciation from real estate or business acquisitions.

# 2 – My brother did operations management for years. He always worked hard and was never paid what he was worth. So, I bought the company, put him in charge, and gave him half of it.  He now makes 10x what he could make at a job and my half is passive.

So, why did you buy a business instead of real estate?

For the same monetary investment, business acquisitions can produce 20-30x more cash flow.

How did you buy a $1.7M business?

Website rentals! They produce a lot of cash every month. Once you’ve got all your monthly expenses covered, what do you need all that cash for? 

Answer: you don’t.

Some people throw money into a savings account, but that’s not a great idea.

The average value of the dollar has steadily declined over the past decade as inflation increases and our government continues to print money.

Cash that’s just sitting there loses value everyday, so it’s smarter to invest it in something.

But what do you invest it in?

3 things: more website rentals, real estate, and business acquisitions.

The Baby Boomer generation is retiring, and when they don’t have kids, they put their businesses up for sale.  Instead of building a company from scratch, you can just buy one that’s already doing well.

Question: Would you drop $200k to buy a business that nets $65k a month?

That’s what I just did…

And it’s all thanks to little 5-page websites that business owners rent from me.

You can do it too!

Forget working forever.

Bust your ass for 4 months and you won’t have to.

Build ’em, rent ’em out, and then enjoy your life.

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Luke is the founder of Website Rental Coaching. WRC teaches people how to create true passive income by building and renting out websites to local businesses. Members learn cutting edge SEO and a repeatable, step-by-step process that can be easily outsourced and scaled. As a digital landlord, you can recapture control of your time.

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